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Our Latest Video Montages

A video montage is great for a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, graduation, anniversary, or any other special event. Our professional staff will create a dvd from your images, videos and music to create a personalized trip down memory lane.

Wedding Video Montage

Your wedding day flies by, let us slow it down so you can remember every detail.

Mother Video Montage

Our mothers do so much for us, the least we can do is make them cry on Mothers Day.

Graduation Video Montage

How can you make a graduation party special? Give them a DVD they will never forget.

Birthday Video Montage

Help the special person in your life remember how much they mean to you on their birthday.

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What is a Video Montage?

A video montage is the combination of your precious photos, video footage, and music of your choice onto a DVD. Although there are many companies or programs that offer this service we deliver the best finished product. We offer a quality one on one process where we walk you through every step of your video montage. Our first goal will be to help you choose how many photos you should use in your video montage:

  • Up to 50 photos - 3-4 minutes in length and 1-2 songs

  • Up to 100 photos - 6-7 minutes in length and 3-4 songs

  • Up to 150 photos - 8-9 minutes in length and 4-5 songs

The next step in the process is to pick a custom playlist to go with your photos and event. If you are struggling to pick the perfect songs, we will help you with a custom playlist. We have worked on many video montage projects and have a strong grasp on what songs fit each event. Once you have selected what is going to be on the dvd you need to upload or ship your media.

We offer an easy upload process for digital photos and videos. For photos that need to be scanned or videos that need to be digitized, we will need them shipped to us so we can prepare them for your project. When we have received all the media we will blend your photos, video and music to make a memorable movie. After its completion we will put it on our online server for you to review. If you like what you's see we will burn your video montage and ship it you.

Our Guarantee

Let's face it your priceless images and video footage is going to age with time. We understand how important these are and we can convert them into a digital format that you can have forever. Not only can we create a dvd you can show on that special wedding day, birthday or graduation party, but we can send you a backup file to make sure your memories are safe. It is our goal to make your special event a memorable one. We will work with you every step of the way and assist you with any questions you have.

Tips For A Great Video Montage

Here are a few guidelines that will help with your selection and decision process:

  • Shorter can be better- We know you have a great story to tell but an image only project can start to drag after 8 minutes

  • Choose quality photos- We can restore many photos but the higher quality we start out with the better your overall product

  • Variety in your photos- Use a few pictures from each stage in time, don't focus too much on the same time period

  • Let the music choose you- Make a list of songs you want then listen to them and make sure the lyrics match your message

  • Test your DVD- The dvd is tested at our facility but make sure you test it on the dvd player you will be using for the event!